Case Stories

Facts of measured effects in some projects.

Other Industry Examples

Media Group


The company had grown significantly through acquisitions over a number of years. With the help of Sahlgren & Skog, the new CEO initiated a program to improve the effectiveness of the company’s sales force.
The project resulted in the management implementing a more effective system for approaching their customer base and managing its sales force. Sahlgren & Skog also identified that better defined roles and responsibilities throughout the sales organisation could generate considerable savings.
Already after six months, management could establish they had doubled the effectiveness in sales force activity.

IT Consultancy company

Publicly listed, Nordic countries.

A company renowned for its focus on sales commissioned Sahlgren & Skog to see what could be done to further improve the performance of their sales units, comprising of both sales reps and consultancy managers.
The audit made the management aware that it could expect a lot more from some units, even though these units delivered great results already.
An improvement program to increase activity levels and to improve the follow-up process was launched successfully.

Major European Bank

Asset Management Group, Nordic countries

The company was experiencing a significant difference in sales performance between the various countries, despite similar market conditions. The management wanted to understand the reasons behind this. They also wanted to know what could be done to increase sales performance in the Nordic Region as a whole. Sahlgren & Skog were commissioned to audit and compare the different sales functions, and comprehensive recommendations on how to improve the performance in each unit were delivered. These recommendations were embraced with enthusiasm by the sales forces throughout the region, as these enabled them to work in a clear and more process oriented way.

Business Travel Company

Privately owned, Nordic countries

A highly specialised growth company that invested in a new sales force a couple of years ago.
The company commissioned Sahlgren & Skog to implement structures and processes for the new sales force, and to help monitor their performance with annual audits. Unclear reward systems made way for clearly defined ones, and better processes for monitoring sales rep activity and quality levels were introduced. After the first year it was established that sales force activity levels had tripled.