Sales Processes

# 24 – September 2012

Establishing sales processes, or evaluating and improving existing ones, are usually part of our projects. We strongly support simple and
straightforward processes which are adapted to the specific company and its industry.

But what is a sales process? A sales process is the series of steps that you take from finding a new business opportunity till getting the order.

An example of a sales process, taken from an office machine supplier, could be:

  1. Identified opportunity
  2. Need analysis completed
  3. Demonstration completed
  4. Proposal sent
  5. Order

There is a great value in having a defined common sales process for a company.

In our view, a well defined sales process consists of the following:

Be particularly aware not to confuse a sales process with the internal qualification and approval process geared at minimising the business risk
(that’s another process). Or to confuse it with generic sales methodology such as Solution Selling or SPIN.