Interim management – a modern solution to age old problems

# 38 – May 2014

A sales organization often finds itself in need of talent not already on its staff. Traditionally the response to this situation is to create a new position, replace an existing manager or worst of all, to muddle through.

When facing some of the following situations, an interim manager may present the most expeditious, cost effective and most likely successful course of action.

Facing a vacancy – especially an unexpected one -the company may rush to find a replacement and share the departing manager’s responsibilities between already fully tasked executives. The hire made under this pressure may be selected more on his ability to relieve the pressure than being ideal for the position. On the other hand, a temporary seasoned sales professional might prove the optimal solution during the transition.

Implementing unpopular changes – A manager who has been forced to implement work reductions, firings, or any disruption that causes employee dissatisfaction, may find employee memories are long. Rather that burdening a future/permanent sales manager with actions that will impede his ability to create rapport with his subordinates, an interim manager may present a better course of action.

Implementing structural changes – When you wish to implement structural changes, even though they may not be unpopular or controversial, they still require a unique skill set. Change management is a talent that is quite different from the day to day management of the sales organization. The temporary addition of a manager, well versed in such matters, may prove to be ideal in speedy and relatively painless implementation.

Unique knowledge or experience – If the sales organization is moving into unfamiliar territory, an interim manager may make sense. Examples may be moving from product sales to solution sales, or you are targeting a new industry or group. The interim sales manager could be a quick ways to infuse the sales organization with new skill sets. The leadership of this interim sales manager could confidently take the team into areas familiar to him, spreading knowledge, establishing new working methods and setting up new routines.

If any of the above scenarios sound like a situation you are about to enter or find yourself in, you may wonder how one finds a well matched manager to fill the void. Companies providing Interim Management services range from rudimentary recruiting services to companies providing qualified search and support through the project. At Sahlgren & Skog, since we are specialised in sales from the management perspective, our Interim Management service include the following:

  1. Using our proven method for analysing the sales organisation, we work with your senior management to determine the best course to transition to the desired environment. 
  2. We provided an interim manager with the right experience and skill set, who we know and who shares our views on how to create results in the sales organisation. 
  3. We provide continuous follow-up and sharing of experience with the responsible partner at Sahlgren & Skog, your representative, and the interim manager.

We would welcome an opportunity to further explain how our Interim Management service might fit your future business plans.