Filling the funnel – A challenge in sales organisations

# 53 May 2017

Filling the funnel means that sales people are continuously adding more sales leads to work on. The leads are then qualified before being added to the sales person’s business opportunities. The more leads sales people have, the more business opportunities they are likely to get, and – as a consequence – the more business they will they generate in the end.

Hence, if you don’t fill your funnel with new leads, the sales people will not get enough business opportunities to work on, and they will not close enough deals. If they don’t close enough deals they will fall short of their sales targets and the company will be at risk of not delivering on their budget.

The need to fill the funnel seems obvious, but in many companies we have encountered, the sales organisations are struggling with this.

Common mistakes:
When sales organisations are failing to fill the funnel, we usually see the following:

Of course there are also other reasons when faced with the difficulty in filling the funnel: Difficulty generating interest for the product offering, difficulty in reaching the right decision maker, etc. Irrespective of these challenges, sales organisations will gain a lot by organising and monitoring this process.

Proposed solutions:
The following measures will help in ensuring a steady new flow of incoming leads to the funnel:

It is very rare that the funnel will fill itself. A good internal process to make it happen is therefore a key factor for success.