We wished there was a company like ours

The driving force for starting this company in 2007 was that we could not find a service on the market that had the c-level perspective on sales – a service that focused on management issues rather than training individual sales people.

So we started this company – and developed such a service.

The service is called Sales Function Audit and provides effectiveness measures in a number for key dimensions as well as an action plan on how to increase the sales force performance.

As the years have passed, our services have evolved, matching the need of our customers. Where as, in the beginning, we focused on analysis and recommendations on the sales productivity, we now also support our customers in implementing and driving the change process. Our services have also expanded into a new area where we analyse the customers’ perspective on the sales organisation.

Our Philosophy

We want to offer our services in such a way that we ourselves – as executives – would have bought them:

Our mission is to find areas of improvement and to help our customers to fulfill this potential. So they will have a considerable and direct effect on their income statement.